Announcing our $455 CupCake CNC Ultimate Kit Fathers Day Sale!

3D Printing for Fathers Day!

This one goes out to all the MakerBot Dads and Fathers worldwide, and soon to be MakerBot Dads!

This is an unheard-of 3D Printing bargain, the likes of which shock even me, your dear narrator. On Sunday 6/18, The CupCake CNC Ultimate Kit is dropping to a brain-freezingly low price. We love the CupCake CNC and know what a st/deal this is, so take advantage and get one soon! These are the last units of the CupCake, and we have run out of space for them here at the BotCave. Yesterday an avalanche of printed parts temporarily blocked access to the bathroom, and the decision was made. “Sell, sell, sell!” called Commander Bre. The big wheel keep on turning, and Fathers Day is looming! So get cracking and get the all-time best bargain in DIY 3D printing history. It’s everything you need to get started 3D Printing with a fun build, a great device, and a great Fathers Day gift! This is a limited time offer so carpe diem!