Sand Molds!


The beetle sand mould by sandy3d

The beetle sand mould by sandy3d

This seems to be the very first sand mold on Thingiverse1  The amazing thing about Thingiverse is that nearly three years after it’s creation people are still coming up with totally brand new things to design and upload.  Once a totally new (and open source!) design is uploaded, variations and improvements inevitably start popping up.

Why not a sand mold Mini Cooper, Lamborghini, or Ford Shelby?  With a little OpenSCAD magic, it might take very long to create your own mold from almost anything on Thingiverse.  For your OpenSCAD enjoyment, here’s how to make a similar style sand mold out of nearly any STL on Thingiverse:

  • difference()
  • {
  • scale(1.5) import_stl(“gangsta_fixed.stl”);
  • import_stl(“gangsta_fixed.stl”);
  • }

How else could you make molds using existing STL’s from Thingiverse?  And, more importantly, what would you use those molds for?

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  1. If I’m wrong, please let me know! []