Modding a MakerBot for PCB Milling

PCB Milling Using A MakerBot Cupcake

MakerBot Operator Keith wanted to use his MakerBot CupCake to perform PCB milling. His MakerBot kit doesn’t come with a dremel mount — but when you are a MakerBot Operator, this is no obstacle. (Take a look at all of the incredible “dremel” related mods and toolholders up on here!)

One of the great benefits to buying a user-assembled, user-modifiable product from an Open Hardware company is that where other companies might seal up their cases with tamper-resistant torx screws, with a MakerBot you are welcome to roll up your sleeves and get hacking.

Keith has spent several weekends exploring how to mill PCBs with his CupCake (from first attempt, to first mod, to build surface tweak), figuring out what modifications he needed at each stage and then printing and/or building the solution. His project is gets closer and closer with each round of experimentation.

Many of our CupCake MakerBot Operators have now purchased our leveled-up, second generation printer, the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic, for their primary 3D printer. But rather than neglecting their hardy CupCakes they are willing to experiment with them, shift them into a number of new roles — from pen-plotting stations to ceramic printers to milling tools. The MakerBot Operators are an enterprising bunch who tend to share what they create and heap praise on the incredible innovation from their peers. Keep your eyes on the Thingiverse “Newest” category for an endless procession of interesting projects like Keith’s for ideas for what else you might do with your MakerBot. Beyond having a 3D printer on your desk to create anything you can dream of, that is.