Dragon Fly puzzle by Neophyte

Dragon Fly puzzle by Neophyte

This extremely cute little 3D-printed flatpack dragonfly design comes with an interesting modeling history:

“I got this as a DXF file off the net quite a few years ago. Don’t know where I got it exactly.
Also, I don’t have a build diagram for it so therefore it’s a puzzle.”

This is definitely an example of a printed model that benefits from being an assembly of smaller parts — the graceful uptilt of the wings would be an enviable challenge for printing without support structure. In this case, printing flat was also essential to getting the visual finish Neophyte was going for, so the entire model has a self-consistency that works.

And I have to admit that a lot of the fun of this piece for me is imagining Neophyte and his wife printing first, and solving the puzzle later. Seeing this project has encouraged me to do a little “data dumpster diving” to find sources for potentially interesting models, in particular my artist morgue and a host of 2d illustrations that might be a fun place to start for extruding and modeling into 3D.1

  1. I am considering creating “data dumpster diving” as a Thingiverse tag should this process lead to any interesting results. Feel free to beat me to the punch, here. []