MK6+ Field Tested, User Approved

Here’s a great field test report from MakerBot Operator Renosis!

This new heater core, the Mk6+ is awesome. The smaller size of the core and the thermal properties of aluminum, plus the heater cartridge and its placement make it heat up faster and allow for more control. I timed my old core (mk5/6) and it took 8 minutes and 9 seconds to reach 225 C from room temperature (25 C). The new core nearly halved the time, I go from 25C to 225 C in 4 minutes 15 seconds. I am also happy to report that my temperature is much more steady now with the mk6-plus. I only have a variance of 2 degrees when at extruding temperature. And this is running with default PID settings. I bet of a tweak the P I D…. I could get it to be even more stable! Great upgrade!

Thanks for the kind words!