Syvwlch’s Printable Clock – ready for printing!


Clockwork Library & Printable Clock Script by syvwlch
Clockwork Library & Printable Clock Script by syvwlch

Syvwlch’s work on a printable clock has been one of the most exciting ongoing projects on Thingiverse.  He’s just upload what might be a final version of his work.  This version includes the escapement, pendulum, gears for the seconds, minutes, and hours, and a set of nested concentric gears to provide the corresponding second, minute, and hour movement.  And, let’s not forget he’s made this entire clock parametric in OpenSCAD – in case you need to print up a grandfather clock or a teeny-tiny watch.

As quickly as he’s been developing this project, it hasn’t been without it’s obstacles.  Syvwlch explained some of the benefits to designing such a complex mechanism in OpenSCAD:

There are none of the usual frustrations.  If you made a mistake a few steps back, it’s not a big deal.  I had the math on how to size the thing to fit inside a MakerBot completely wrong.  It took me two minutes to fix it.

As if designing a printable clock weren’t enough, Syvwlch has also set up his OpenSCAD file so that it will kick out STL’s for easy printing on just about any 3D printer AND so that it can show you an animated diagram of how the parts fit together and operate.  I can’t wait to start printing up these parts.

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