Pattywac Design Challenge: United We MakerBot

United We Stand

United We Stand

Thingiverse champion Pattywac has another challenge for you (and your friends)! 1  The chosen design will receive $60.00 from Pattywac and $100.00 in MakerBot store credit provided by MakerBot Industries!  Here are the details:

I purchased Makerbot #182 and for a long time just made improvements based on forum and thingiverse posts….. until I started meeting with other Makerbotters in the Madison area (thanks to MBI for the push on this one).  I was inspired by how much better my Makerbot prints are turning out since discussing it with others face to face and so I thought…. What better way to make designs better than to get people working on them together in the “United We Makerbot” Design Challenge.

The prize will be $60 cash (xferd via paypal from me) split between the team members and $100 in Makerbot store credit also split between the team members.

Here are the rules :

  1. Needs to be printable (at least partly… Unicorns and Frostruders included) on a Makerbot
  2. Each design needs to be the combined work of two or more people (one person will submit the design and anyone that helped will post a comment on that thing)
  3. Post submissions on Thingiverse by 8pm CST on May 1, 2011.
  4. Multiple entries are allowed, but they must be distinct from one another.
  5. To enter be sure and tag your Thing with the word “MakerbotUnited

The entries will be judged using the following criteria (each category is weighted):

  • Number of Likes on Thingiverse
  • Number of times it has been made by someone else
  • Average Thingiverse rating
  • Printability (not just fitting it in the space but also how many separate prints are required)
  • Effort put into design (based on testing and revisions (if at all needed), how well does it fit the challenge)
  • Mechanical design (based on # of pieces, possible modes for failure, etc)
  • Does it build on previous challenge winners?
  • Future for use in other Thingiverse designs
  • Are multiple (editable) file formats provided?
  • Number of Thingiverse citizens that took part in the design and implementation (no more than 7 people on a team…. I’ve seen first hand how quickly larger teams can turn to frustration)

I’m normally a lot more excited about these design challenges.  But, I just know I’m going to get picked last again…

  1. Photo courtesy of Randy Wade []