Band Ghost Ghost to Feature MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotting at SXSW Interactive

Tim Bartlett Grabbing Visuals for SXSW Dorkbot/Ignite 2011 at NYCR

MakerBot friend Tim Bartlett1 came over to Craft Night at NYC Resistor last week to shoot real time visuals for a little performance this coming Friday in Austin, Texas.

He is the real-time video artist for the band Ghost Ghost, who will be the house band for the Dorkbot/Ignite event in Austin Music Hall, opening night of a wee festival called SXSW Interactive….

Thanks to  Matt Mets for his late, late night assistance hacking on old pen plotters to get more visuals! And to NYCR for welcoming Tim in and sharing oscilloscopes and laser-cutters. And to Keith Ozar for helping us setup and experiment.

Check out this video post card that features some of the visuals he captured on MakerBots.

  1. Thanks for lending us your Canon 7D for so many MakerBot videos! []