Mouse Ears Defeat Corner Curling Monster

Mouse Ears Tabs by Zach

Once upon a time, far away in the country of Brookland, in the non-coexistent special universe of the Greater New York Area, there lived an engineer called the Zach. The Zach worked in a little Botcave, had a tremendous number of interesting hoodies, and a deep love for both cats and music that induces physiological experiences.

The Zach’s favorite thing in the whole world was to to print out objects on his 3D printer, without using rafts. But one day, the Zach experienced corner curling for a few of his key parts. “Oh, no!” said the Zach. “I must find a solution.”

He found a solution: he added tiny one-layer disks to the offending corners of his model and ran it through the belly of the klein-bottle skeining monster deep in the heart of the Botcave.

The Zach’s friendly MakerBot 3D printer creature constructed the model again — and this time no curling! “Look, mouse ears!” the Zach said. He now proceeds to snap the ears off and clean up the corner of his model with a little knife. And if we are very patient, very soon we might see what the Zach will do with his little model….

The End.