MakerBot User Group Challenge #1 – There will be LEDs!

Hey MakerBot Operators!!!

A Seattle MakerBot User Group Meeting

MakerBot Operators have informally been gathering together to bring MakerBots face to face. They meet each other, trade tips and tricks, and MakerBot Operators may even in some cases be eating sushi together. We know that when MakerBot Operators get together, awesome things happen and we are setting up this challenge to encourage this because more awesome is more better! (Pictured above: S.M.U.G.r -Seattle Makerbot Users Group and RepRap Mendel – Photo by A. V. Passow )

Here is the challenge! Form a regional group if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve got a dedicated MUG (MakerBot User Group) Mailing List, gather the MakerBots before March 15, post a picture of two MakerBots or more, and get a MakerBot Care Package!

What is a MakerBot User Group? We define it as a group that meets in real life and has it’s own mailing list dedicated to MakerBotting.

Every MakerBot User Group that enters this challenge will get a MakerBot Care Package in which there will be LEDs and we’ve got a special package to go out to the group that gets the most MakerBots together in one photo at a MUG. One entry and one care package per group.

Can you have a MakerBot User Group meet at a hackerspace? YES, but remember, you’ve got to have a dedicated MakerBot mailing list for your MUG. That way you won’t mix the drama of who needs to do the dishes at your hackerspace with the drama of who’s hogging the communal MakerBot.

What about Maker Groups and Robotic Clubs? Same deal. You’ve got to have a dedicated mailing list for MakerBot action within your group and meet and bring MakerBots together.

If you’re MakerBot Operator Group has just met, that doesn’t count for this challenge, you’ve got to meet between today, February 22nd, and March 15th to get your MakerBot Care Package!

Here’s the MakerBot User Group Challenge details:

  1. Form a group if you haven’t already. Get them together.
  2. Meet. Put at least two MakerBots side by side.
  3. Take a photo of them together. Humans are also allowed in this photo!
  4. Upload the photo to the internet on flickr or facebook or your own site.
  5. Email us the link to your picture along with your group’s name, mailing list url, and a legit mailing address so we can get you your care package.
  6. One entry per group submitted no later than March 15, 2011 at 11:59pm EST.

All participating groups who meet this challenge will win a MakerBot Industries Care Package and there will be LEDs. (LEDs are a core MakerBot value)

Don’t belong to a group? Find one in your area on the regional groups page.

No group nearby? Form one! Come up with a name, get a google group for your mailing list, and send us a paragraph tempting local MakerBot Operators to gather. Send it to and we’ll announce your next group meeting on our blog!

TLDNR: MakerBot is having a challenge to get MakerBot Operators together to be more awesomer.