MakerBot Introduces Water Soluble 3D Printer Filament!

We love days like today, where a new product comes along that opens up so many doors for MakerBot Operators around the world. We’ve been incubating this material for about six months and it’s ready to be unleashed. A quote from Zach, co-founder of Makerbot- “Soluble objects are a holy grail of 3D Printing since our early days!” With MakerBot PVA filament you can now print 3D objects that dissolve in water. We at the BotCave have come up with some pretty great uses for this material, but I expect that our users will truly be the masters of invention for water soluble plastics. Just to get your gears turning, imagine these possibilities for objects printed with MakerBot Water Soluble PVA Filament!

• soluble molds for poured materials
• removable support structures
• science demonstrations for the classroom
• biotechnology applications
• art and design objects
• time-lapse video and visual effect displays
• smooth finishes on products without the use of solvents
• biodegradable 3D printed objects
• robots that melt

As you can tell, this stuff has an incredible future when it reaches our users. Pick up some MakerBot Water Soluble PVA filament at the MakerBot Store now!