Why I Love My 3D Printer

On Friday, February 11th, a young inventor named Schuyler, age 10, stepped on to the stage in front of a sold out crowd of 850 people at Ignite Phoenix and proceeded to explain why he loves his 3D printer, a MakerBot.

The delivery is perfect. He gave shoutouts to Thingiverse, the RepRap community and his local hackerspace heatsynclabs. Most importantly, he explained 3D printing in a clear and understandable way that any other 10 year old, or parent of a 10 year old, can understand.

Our mission at MakerBot is to Democratize Manufacturing and empowering young people with technology is baked into the DNA of MakerBot. Seeing MakerBot presented at Ignite in such a great way by such a great young person is super awesome! A huge congrats to Schuyler! So great!