First MakerBot Artist-In-Residence: Marius Watz

MakerBot models 5480

I’m excited to announce MakerBot’s first artist-in-residence which means for the next two months, he’ll have access to our 3D printers and as much plastic as he wants to make the things he can imagine. Marius makes wonderful generative artwork. If you haven’t seen his work check out his site and if you like what he does, you can even sign up for his workshop to learn more about how to create and 3D print your own models from processing.

MakerBot models 5486

As part of his residency, Marius will be sharing some models. I love the first 3 in the series! We printed out 20 of these for him last week to demonstrate the power of the MakerBot Botfarm.

Marius has some great ideas for where he’s going with his work.

My goal for my MakerBot residency is to produce a set of models for my upcoming exhibition at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur in Oslo next month. As part of that process I will be developing a new Processing library for 3D model building, to be released as Open Source along with a series of models I’ll publish on Thingiverse (see in the MakerBot spirit of openness. You can already get a preview on Flickr, I can’t wait to add more!

This is going to be awesome. We’ve already got our second artist lined up, but we’ll be looking to have other artist-in-residences. If you’re interested in being one, send us a note with some links to some examples of your work and some ideas about what you’d like to get done with 2 months of unlimited access to the MakerBot Botfarm and we’ll get back to you!