Pattywac Dueling Design Giveaway Winners!

Thingiverse user Pattywac has been running some pretty amazing design giveaways recently.  By pooling his own money with that of other Thingiverse users and coming up with interesting challenges, we’ve seen some pretty awesome results.  Who did Pattywac choose as the winners?  Well, first, a message from the giveaway sponsor himself:

I’d like to thank everyone for entering.  It was a great turnout and there were some awesome designs, it really was hard to pick the winners.  Thanks again to TwoTimes for more than doubling the prize pool.

Anyone that is willing to donate to the prize pool for the next Design Challenge is free to join the discussion in the Makerbot Google Group forum.


MakerBot Improvement Design Giveaway Winner is…

Z Axis Extender Kit for Makerbot Cupcake by Zydac

Z Axis Extender Kit for Makerbot Cupcake by Zydac

The Z Axis Extender Kit for Makerbot Cupcake by Zydac!  Pattywac said this was a tight race (between community likes, # of copies out there, and printability on the makerbot) but the extender kit won because it goes a long way (pun intended) to improving the Makerbot.

Rubber Bands Design Giveaway Winner is…

Rubber Band Gear Mechanism by Skimbal

Rubber Band Gear Mechanism by Skimbal

Skimbal’s Rubber Band Gear Mechanism!  Pattywac said he chose this one because it had over 40 likes by community members and it has a good future for use in other projects.

Congratulations to Zydac and Skimbal!  Thank you to Pattywac and Twotimes for posting the design giveaways, putting up the giveaway dough, and judging!  I can’t wait for the next one!