MakerBot Hero: Car Keys (Part I)

Key fob, apart

Key fob, apart

My mom had been a public school teacher for all of her working life until she retired several years ago.  It was just before she retired that she bought herself a nice new car.  Yesterday she came to visit and she handed me her car keys to grab something from her trunk.  I was horrified at what I saw.  Her car keys, which have a built in electronic car lock/unlock remote, was wrapped in cheap packing tape.  On top of that, it was old packing tape.  So old that it had become stringy and oozey.

I asked what happened only to be told that while at her school she had dropped her keys which immediately cracked at the point where the metal key met the plastic housing for the electronic guts.  The school maintenance worker had kindly offered to fix it up the only way he could – with public school1 packing tape.

This conversation ensured:

  • MakerBlock: “How long has it been like this?”
  • MakerBlock’s mom: “Oh, a looong time.”
  • MakerBlock: “How long?”
  • MakerBlock’s mom: “About two years.”
  • MakerBlock: “Two years?!  Mom, you do know I have a machine in the other room capable of just making you a new plastic housing for your keys, right?”2
  • MakerBlock’s mom: “Oh, that never occurred to me.”
  • MakerBlock: “This is just unacceptable!  You can’t live like this.  I’m making you a new one.”

With the careful application of a utility knife to remove the packing tape and precision screwdrivers to take out the one lone screw, the key fob revealed its secrets, as depicted above.

Next:  Designing the replacement

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