Hotrod your Cupcake

Rat Rod Front

We’ve been getting lots of questions about ways to improve cupcakes to make them as close to a Thing-O-Matic as possible. If you’ve got a MakerBot Automated Build Platform and MakerBot MK5 Plastruder you’re almost there. When we get our shipment of MakerBot Gen4 Electronics (We’ve been working on these for a looooong time) then you can add that to your cupcake and you’re very close to the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic. The only thing I would add to that setup to have the greatest cupcake of all time would be a MakerBot Filament Spindle Box, lots of reliable MakerBot ABS Plastic, and an LED Lighting strip

The last piece of technology that would really be left is to switch out the Z-Rods and install a cantilevered Z-stage. Plans have already emerged on Thingiverse for that, but would be an expensive upgrade as the motor for the Z-stage has a super fancy integrated threaded rod and there are the fancy bearings on it too.

So in summary, if I were going to buy the awesomest MakerBot Cupcake 3D Printer setup ever with what’s available right now and I was feeling impatient or I was on a budget and couldn’t buy a Thing-O-Matic, I would get:

  1. The MakerBot Cupcake Ultimate (Includes tools and MakerBot MK5 Plastruder and MakerBot Automated Build Platform and MakerBot Relay Kit)
  2. The MakerBot Filament Spindle
  3. The MakerBot Rainbow Plastic Pack
  4. The MakerBot Glow in the Dark ABS Plastic
  5. A MakerBot LED lighting strip (I like the blue, but that’s just my personal choice, the other colors look awesome too)

Update: I got a note from MakerBlock asking about homing and endstops. When we release the Gen4 electronics, the endstops and the Gen4 electronics could get added to this list!

Photo by Ape Fight