MakerBot Automated Build Platform

The future of Personal Manufacturing is now! Introducing the MakerBot Automated Build Platform. It’s a heated conveyor belt for your 3D personal manufacturing system! Instead of just making one thing at a time, with the MakerBot Automated Build Platform, you’ll be able to make lots of things at a time. When the MakerBot has MakerBotted something, it just rolls of the MakerBot Automated Build Platform and begins to make the next part!

You know how some machines make one item, and then you start the process over, like a Belgian waffle iron? Well, until today 3D printers pretty much resembled waffle irons. You removed each part by hand, reset the print head, and manually started the next job. With the addition of the MakerBot Automated Build Platform, your waffle iron now resembles the machine they make Eggos with at the factory. You get A LOT of Eggos coming out of the Eggo machine hot and fresh, down a conveyor system and into a box of goodness!

We at MakerBot Industries are really excited, because we love making things, but now we really love making LOTS of things. Now it’s easier than ever to make a lot of one item, or a sequence of different items. All without ever having to reset the machine, load a separate file, or get in there with your hands to remove parts. If I’m still not totally clear regarding exactly what the MakerBot Automated Build Platform will mean for you, here is a movie, to help lock in the key points.

So consider the possibilities. Say you need 10 of that printable tool handle, or 40 of those cable clips. Or you want to build a foosball table, and print out all the plastic men. Or print your own chess set? How about printing out the plastic components of another machine all in a single batch print?

With this latest addition to the MakerBot family. Your machine will not be just a “prototyper” anymore. With the MakerBot Automated Build Platform, your MakerBot becomes a desktop personal manufacturing system making useful object after useful object.

The Automated Build Platform is available now. Get it and turn your MakerBot into your own factory! The MakerBot Automated Build Platform is a perfect match with the MakerBot MK5 Plastruder and MakerBot Filament Spindle.