Duplo Brick Train Track Adapter by Zydac

Duplo Brick to Brio Track adapter

Duplo Brick to Brio Track adapter

I just love this new Duplo to train track adapter by Zydac.  It is absolutely brilliant on so many levels.  First off, I just like anything that extends an existing toy.  That this extends two different kinds of toys just makes it that much cooler.  I remember as a kid having Duplo blocks and then eventually “graduating” to regular Lego bricks.  The problem is that once you move to the “older” toy, the Duplos become obsolete.

What I like most about this thing is that it totally solves the problem of what do with old Duplo bricks after your kids1 outgrow them.  Now these old bricks don’t have to be relegated for a dusty bin in the garage.  They can be repurposed and renewed with a totally different toy.

How much more useful are toys when you can use them together seamlessly?  Is this a linear progress – are both toys twice as useful?  With zero actual evidence to back it up, I expect the usefulness would be exponential.

What would you do with a MakerBot?  How would you make toy converters and adapters?  How would you upgrade your toys?

  1. Or you. []