MakerBot & Thingiverse at Ars Electronica


Ars Electronica is an epic arts celebration and MakerBot and Thingiverse won an honorable mention in the Digital Communities category. This is kinda a big deal that together we have been seriously recognized by an artistic organization as a community. This shines a spotlight on all of you MakerBot Operators and Citizens of Thingiverse!

Lots of Thingiverse Citizens are here and last night I ran into Wizard23 who said that he remembered back in the day when only a few things would get uploaded every month to Thingiverse. It seems like these days it’s a few things every day! The library of downloadable digital designs is an important resource as we move into the future. Celebrate the citizens who refuse to share digital designs and free them from the suffering of loneliness and isolation on their hard drives!

MakerBot will be printing things out all weekend in the teleinternet. (also on twitter as teleinternet) If you’re in Linz, stop by the 3rd floor of the big tobacco factory building and say hi!