A MakerBot Self Replicates!!!!


Wow, just wow! Christian Arnø has made a MakerBot with a MakerBot and has achieved MakerBot self replication!!! SO MUCH WIN!

The reprap is not the only 3d printer that can replicate itself, now the Makerbot can too.

This Makerbot is made out of approximately 150 individual pieces that is printed on , (yes you guessed it) a Makerbot.

My Makerbot worked hard everyday for about a month straight to finish this project, and i am immensly happy about the end result

(The pictures doesn’t do it justice one bit, but it really is a thing of beauty)

Make sure to check out the MakerBot made by a MakerBot page on Thingiverse to look at all the pictures! WOW!