Cathal Garvey’s Mousetrap Design Challenge


Cathal Garvey, the man who brought you the makerbottable dremelfuge and micro-lathe needs a mousetrap and he’s willing to pay $25 for someone to design it.

I have a problem. There lives in my house a tiny mouse, and as I am friend to all animals I wish him no harm.

The live mousetrap I tried didn’t work: crafty mouse escaped it repeatedly. I also invented a few wacky methods involving pitfalls, narrow bottles full of bloating foods and even tried to suck him out onto a vacuum cleaner head covered with cheesecloth. No avail!

I am offering a bounty for something:
$25 to the first design that catches the mouse. It must:
– Not harm the mouse
– Be printable on a Makerbot
– Work

Mouse get!

Whichever design Cathal chooses, we’re going to sweeten the deal and send them a MakerBot t-shirt if they will upload the design to Thingiverse under an open license.

Can you build a better (MakerBottable) mousetrap?