Laser, 3D Printer, and an Onion, OH MY!

Laser, 3D printer, and an onion, OH MY!

I found this about a year ago and then lost the link before I could blog about it. Thankfully, the gentleman Douglas Repetto sent a link today to the Thingiverse group and now I can share this project’s beauty with you!

It’s a glorious machine that runs on very old-skool early reprap technology. Zach designed and shipped those boards two years ago. If I was an art collector or MOMA, I would buy this. It’s awesome!

This system uses lasers to scan an onion plant from one of three angles. As the plant is scanned a fuse deposition modeler in real-time creates a plastic model based on the information collected. The device repeats this process every twenty-four hours scanning from a different angle. After a new model is produced the system advances a conveyor approximately 17 inches so the cycle can repeat. The result is a series of models illustrating the growth of the plant from varying angles.

via david bowen growth modeling device movie.