Bio-Friendly Plastic for your MakerBot – Polylactic Acid

PLA 4032D - 5lb coil - Plastic - MakerBot Industries

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is an extremely awesome polymer for many reasons. First, it is bio-friendly. It is made from corn, which is a renewable resource. Secondly, it is bio-degradable which means it will break down in a landfill. Third, it is clear which makes for gorgeous crystalline prints that absolutely scream for LEDs. Last but not least, it has an extremely low shrinkage factor which means it resists warping, even at very large print sizes. All-in-all its a very exciting new filament.

The PLA should print very well at standard ABS settings, but we will be releasing updated settings very shortly that will allow you to get the very best out of your MakerBot with PLA.

The particular variant of PLA that we use is Ingeo 4032D. For full technical specs, check out the PLA datasheet.

We are getting this started off right by offering a special introductory price of $60 for 5 pounds of PLA ($12 a pound). When the sale ends on Monday January 11th, it will go up $80 for 5 pounds ($16 a pound). We want folks to get it and make with it ASAP and we want to give the early adopters a nice discount. Get yours now!