Jimmy Fallon Ate a Cupcake Frosted by Goldie the MakerBot

Photo by Steve Garfield

Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the man himself ate a cupcake frosted by Goldie the MakerBot with a frostruding attachment. Earlier in the evening, Erykah Badu saw the machine and the cupcakes and plastic parts that it made including a model of the empire state building and said, “Your machine made that? Get The F*** Out!”

makerbot on jimmy fallon

It was a great time, but the gremlins were on set. The air conditioning of the studio affected the hotglue holding the drive gear to the motor and it fell off mid frosting! It still frosted the cupcake in what appeared to be a Twisted Sister logo, saving the day!

We’re going to attempt to set a better record and shorten the time and improve the frosting distribution soon! Make sure to check out URDB.org to make your own records!