User-to-User Payment Terms


All payment transactions for the provision of goods and services offered through Thingiverse must take place through the payment transaction tool provided by MakerBot (“Payment Transaction Tool”). Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings ascribed to them in the MakerBot Terms of Use and the Dispute Policy, which are both incorporated by reference in these “User-to-User Payment Terms”. We have created the Payment Transaction Tool in order to enable Users to pay for services and/or products from other Users and to enable Users to request tips in the context of a Thing App for designs they have uploaded to Thingiverse licensed under secondary licenses (“Design”) in their capacity as a designer (“Designer”) (each a “Transaction,” respectively).

a. Setting Up Payment Account. The first time a User initiates a Transaction, he or she will be required to set up a payment account (“Payment Account”) and enter billing and shipping information, as applicable. For all subsequent Transactions, unless notified otherwise by MakerBot, the User may select previously entered shipping information.

b. User Fees and Designer Tips. Developers can charge any fee they deem appropriate for their goods and services so long as that fee is above a minimum of $1 USD. Designers can request a tip for the usage or download of their Design (“Tip”). The Tip amount that is allowed to be set will be controlled according to a range allowed by MakerBot and which correlates to the Developer’s fee. Tips can be suggested or fixed. In accordance with Section 6.3 of the MakerBot Terms of Use, MakerBot will send Tips, less any applicable transaction fees, that have accrued to applicable Users or Designers who have opted in to receive Tips for his or her User Content on the Sites.

c. User Disputes. A User can open a dispute case for a Transaction, which includes the request for a refund (“Dispute”). All Disputes will be resolved in accordance with the Dispute Policy.

d. Other Guidelines.

i. You must comply with any supplemental terms and conditions Users provide to the extent that they do not conflict with any MakerBot acceptable use policy or terms and conditions.

ii. The Payment Transaction Tool is enabled via third-party providers.

iii. All Payment Accounts are held and expressed in United States Dollars; if your Transaction was in a different currency, proceeds from the Transaction will be converted in accordance with the terms of the third-party provider.

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