MakerBot Innovation Center For Universities

Elevate access, entrepreneurship, and multi-disciplinary collaboration on campus.

MakerBot Innovation Center

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Empowering the Innovators of Tomorrow

Discover how the University of Maryland is empowering students to collaborate across disciplines, build startups, and gain real world skills for the jobs of tomorrow with the MakerBot Innovation Center.

Differentiate Your University and Inspire
Your Students & Teachers


  • Provide students with real-world ideation, design, and iteration experience through wider access to 3D printing
  • Attract and retain top caliber students and professors
  • Utilize unique, scalable 3D printing management software to easily accommodate growing demand from students, community partners, and entrepreneurs
  • Establish a learning commons that inspires and promotes cross-departmental collaboration and entrepreneurship
  • Foster economic development opportunities with the surrounding community

  • Build a K-12 pipeline program by offering a unique, engaging resource and experience
  • Engage alumni and raise money from donors looking to advance STEAM initiatives in higher education
  • Accelerate return on investment with a simple cost recovery tracking tool
  • With your MakerBot Innovation Center your students and partners have access to MakerBot’s Thingiverse API. Offer students, faculty, and entrepreneurs the amazing opportunity of building the next big 3D printing app

The Accessible, Reliable Large-Scale
3D Printing Solution For Your University

Hardware and Supplies

  • University and community-wide access to a mix of MakerBot’s industry-leading 3D printers
  • Focus on learning and collaboration with reliable, accessible 3D printers and consumables
  • Accommodate growing demand with scalable software and hardware
  • Get the right consumables when you need them with efficient consumables subscription plans

Installation and Training

  • Quickly integrate the MakerBot Innovation Center on campus with installation and training by an on-site MakerBot expert
  • Empower key faculty, staff, and students with 3D printing form the start


  • Easily manage and scale-up your MakerBot Innovation Center with the Innovation Center Management Platform
  • Go from idea to end result quickly with the MakerBot Desktop Application

MakerCare for Innovation Center

  • Ensure reliability and minimal downtime with a dedicated support team and unlimited phone and email support as part of MakerCare for Innovation Center
  • Get the most from your investment with full service on-site tune-ups to keep your MakerBot Innovation Center operating efficiently for years

Innovation Center Management Platform

Innovation Center Management Platform

The MakerBot Innovation Center Management Platform is seamless software for efficiently managing large groups of MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers and maximizing the value of your MakerBot Innovation Center.

Configurable for Today, Scalable for Tomorrow

The MakerBot Innovation Center combines our industry-leading products, resources, and services into a total solution fit for your university’s needs. Our knowledgeable educational specialists will work with you to assess those needs and determine which configuration of our products would scale best for your university. We’ll also assist in setting up your MakerBot Innovation Center and training your staff, faculty, and student interns to operate and maintain it. Beyond this, we also provide a range of courses designed to maximize your resource and take users to the next level of 3D design.


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