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Tough PLA Bundle

MakerBot Tough PLA allows you to create durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures that save time and money. It’s as strong as ABS and as easy to print as PLA.

Tensile Strength Similar to ABS

Under a tensile load, MakerBot Tough PLA will deform elastically and return to its original shape before hitting peak strength. Beyond this peak, Tough PLA will exhibit a very long plastic deformation range before break that outperforms ABS. In contrast, PLA will simply fracture.

Tensile Strength Test Graph

*All tests were performed following ASTM standard protocol with injection molded specimens from the same resin used to create MakerBot filaments.


"The new MakerBot Tough PLA is a workhorse for functional printing. We mainly use it for prototyping parts and jigs for product cycle testing. The flexibility is key for parts that don’t break, even with thin features that would normally be troublesome. The interlayer adhesion is strong, but the raft is still super easy to remove. The material also slides well so it is good for snap fits."

- Mack Mor, Senior Product Engineer, OXO

Tough PLA Smart Extruder+

Explore how we specifically engineered, tested, and optimized the Tough PLA Smart Extruder+ for Tough PLA Filament:

  • We upgraded the drive system inside the extruder to better grip Tough PLA filament, so it prints precisely without under-extrusions or false filament jams.
  • Firmware automatically adapts with a tuned motor extrusion profile to ensure full, strong models
  • MakerBot Print automatically configures optimal settings for this extruder with your network-connected 3D printer

Printing with any other filament will void the warranty for the Tough PLA Smart Extruder+.

MakerBot Tough PLA Extruder

Slate Gray Tough PLA Bundle

Start 3D Printing with Tough PLA

Exclusively sold as a bundle, MakerBot Tough PLA includes the Tough PLA Smart Extruder+ and three spools of Tough PLA Filament. The extruder is guaranteed to work for the life of the three spools. To start printing with Tough PLA Filament, purchase your bundle online today.

MakerBot Experimental Extruder

Looking for a more advanced 3D printing experience?

An experimental platform for engineers and developers to create, build, customize, and collaborate on MakerBot 3D printing solutions. Discover 3D printing in a range of materials with the MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder.