The only 100% risk-free additive manufacturing investment solution for better rapid prototyping.

MakerBot Method for Business is designed for the most demanding business users. Reduce downtime, while scaling your team’s productivity with our most complete, end-to-end, business offering. Let our 3D printing experts help you build a 100% risk-free 3D printing solution.

Accelerate Product Development

Method puts speed and control into your design cycles while reducing production costs to bring your product to market, fast.

A project requiring 10 design iterations can be reduced to 4 days in-house using Method, as opposed to 40 days (including shipping) from an outsourced supplier.

Reduce Design Risk and Enjoy Peace of Mind

From fast customer support to expedited hot swap shipping, only MakerBot Method for Business gives you full peace of mind with a risk-free guarantee to prevent delayed projects.

Reclaim the Cost of Lost Development Time

Put an end to frivolous tinkering, equipment upkeep, and stalled innovation at the cost of valuable worker time.

Easy Deployment and Operation

Out-of-the-box deployment is fast and easy no matter the size of your organization. A range of Method configurations are optimized to get businesses started across multiple team sizes ranging from small design studios to factory floors.

MakerBot Method 3D Printer
MakerBot Method for Business includes:
  • - 3 years of risk-free MakerCare Platinum service
  • - Replacement printer hot swap service - if a new printer is required, we’ll expedite ship a replacement out immediately
  • - 6 business hour response time
  • - Expedited shipping of replacement parts
  • - Phone, email, and live-chat