OpenSCAD Tutorials

OpenSCAD is a 3D modelling program in which you type commands to alter objects, rather than interacting with them directly. It’s a great tool for parametric design.

MakerBlock’s OpenSCAD Tutorial Series

This series of tutorials by MakerBlock originally appeared on the MakerBot blog, and we think they’re a great way to get started with OpenSCAD.

  1. Basics: The Setup
  2. Basics: 2D Forms
  3. Basics: 3D Forms
  4. Basics: Manipulating Forms
  5. Intermediates: Combining Forms
  6. Intermediates: Mashups
  7. Intermediates: Modularity
  8. Intermediates: Extruding 2D Objects
  9. Intermediates: Fixing Design Problems
  10. Intermediates: Organic Shapes


The OpenSCAD User’s Manual and this OpenSCAD beginner’s tutorial go into a lot more depth, but a word of warning: while these sites have a lot of useful information, the presentation can be confusing.

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