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MakerBot MakerWare is a program that allows you to easily prepare 3D models for building. The troubleshooting guides and documentation in these pages will orient you and get you back on track if something should go wrong.


    MakerWare Troubleshooting

    I'm having trouble installing MakerWare.

    Try running the installer again. If the installation fails a second time, please collect as much information on the failure as you can and Open a Support Case for more information.

    I'm using Windows 8.1 and MakerWare won't connect to my bot.

    This can happen if:

    • You had MakerWare 2.3.1 or earlier installed when you upgraded to Windows 8.1
    • You installed the first version of MakerWare for Windows 8.1

    In either of these cases, you might not have the updated drivers Windows needs to connect to your MakerBot. You can still print by putting X3G files onto an SD card, but you will need to remove the old drivers and reinstall MakerWare in order to connect to your bot again.

    1. Go to the search bar and search for "programs and features." Select Programs and Features.

    2. In the Programs and Features window, select and uninstall the following:

    MakerWare Bundle of Awesome
    • Windows Driver Package - FTDI CDM Driver Package

    • All instances of Windows Driver Package - MakerBot Industries LLC (usbser) Ports

    To uninstall an item, select the item, click Uninstall/Change, and confirm that you want to uninstall the program or driver.

    3. Download and run the current MakerWare installer for Windows 8.1.

    4. Disconnect your MakerBot's USB cable from the USB port on your computer. Then connect it again.

    MakerWare and all the associated drivers should now be up to date.

    I get security warnings when I try to install MakerWare.

    Your operating system may not recognize the drivers MakerWare is installing, but that's fine. Just click OK and the installation will continue.We have also seen some antivirus programs identify MakerWare as a virus. We assume this is because they haven't seen MakerWare before. Don't worry about it; we promise it's safe.

    I can’t connect to my Replicator (Original, 2 or 2X) through MakerWare.

    This probably means something has gone wrong with Conveyor, the part of the MakerWare toolchain that handles the connection to your bot. Go to the Services menu and select Restart Background Service.

    I can't figure out how to Move/Scale/Build my model.

    Check the Replicator 2 or 2X User Manual for a brief tutorial on how to use MakerWare or have a look at the more in-depth web version.

    I installed MakerWare and now I can't connect my bot to ReplicatorG.

    Older versions of MakerWare sometimes interfered with connections to ReplicatorG. Make sure you have installed the most recent version of MakerWare.

    When I open MakerWare, I see a "Background Service Unavailable" error message.

    This means that Conveyor, MakerWare's background service, isn't running, and might even be unable to start. Go to MakerWare's Services menu and select Show Background Service Log. Send this log file to and we'll help you sort out the issue.

    When I preview my prints, everything is black.

    That's a known issue. To fix it, just go to Edit>Settings and assign a different color to your extruder.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I control my bot from MakerWare?

    MakerWare doesn't have a control panel for bots other than a Thing-O-Matic, but you can find most of the tools you would see in a control panel in your onboard Utilities menu. There's actually not a lot that you can't do directly from your bot.

    Can I use MakerWare with my Thing-O-Matic?

    Yes! Your Thing-O-Matic must run Sailfish version 4.1 or later to connect to MakerWare, and we recommend using MakerWare only if your bot has a Gen 4 LCD Interface. For more details, see this page.

    What operating systems does MakerWare support?

    MakerWare will run on Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.7+, and Ubuntu Linux 12.04+.

    What firmware should I use with Makerware?

    We recommend always using the most recent firmware release. For Thing-O-Matics, you will need Sailfish version 4.1 or higher. Versions up to 4.3 are available directly through MakerWare.

    Can I create custom slicing profiles?

    Yes! You can do this through the Advanced Options section of the Make Dialog. See our Advanced Options page for details.

    Can I build things with dual extrusion through MakerWare?

    Yes! Objects will default to the right extruder, but if you want to change which extruder an object is assigned to, select the object and open up the Object Information menu -- it's just below the Scale button. See the Dual extrusion page for more details on printing with two extruders.

    What happened to Miracle Grue?

    Miracle Grue was an early name for the MakerBot Slicer. The only difference between the two is that the MakerBot Slicer keeps getting better as we continue to work on it.

    Don't see your question?

    MakerWare is still in Beta, and your feedback is extra important to us. Let us know if you run into any trouble by Opening up a Support Case with MakerBot Support.
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