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MakeALot OpenSCAD Models


Spiral Pencil/Candle/Toothbrush Cup by MakeALot, printed by Charles Pax

If you have been watching the Thingiverse Newest Things list as actively as I have,1 then you will have noticed Mark Durbin (“MakeALot“) releasing a series of gorgeous parametric models developed using OpenSCAD.2

We have been printing a few of these objects in the BotCave and I wanted to share both that image and a bunch of links to interesting things Mark has released so far.

Mark, keep going — your work is gorgeous and that you continue to release your OpenSCAD files provides yet another masterclass for other designers learning that software right now.

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  1. and check out the Thingiverse Blog coverage of this work []
  2. Yet another incentive to follow MakerBlock’s incredibly helpful tutorials on OpenSCAD and other resources gathered here. []
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