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Bringing The Falling Man Into The Flesh

It’s Day 4 of Madiverse, and the Thing I want to post, tbuser’s model of the Mad Men falling man image, has apparently yet to be printed. This may be a problem if your office isn’t packed with 3D printers, but in my case it’s a relatively simple situation to fix.

But here’s the catch: I’ve never printed anything. I have marveled at the design and engineering going on around me, and the incredible ingenuity on display at Thingiverse. But I have secretly worried that there was a something I didn’t know – a code or a handshake I hadn’t been brought into yet – and that diving into my first print would be more of a weekend project than a task between tasks.

I was way wrong. This is a user-friendly, relatively quick process. I saw my Thing on Thingiverse, clicked download, opened the file in ReplicatorG, followed a few simple steps, and saved it to my SD Card. Certainly the entire creation process can be a thousand steps more complicated, but as a first time user, the timeline from finding to holding was pleasantly simple.

After my first attempt, the Falling Man was looking less dapper Madison Avenue culture maker, and more pile of black spaghetti.

Calibration to the rescue! A small adjustment to the platform, and my print was on the way.

So without further ado, here is my first addition to Thingiverse. I’m taking him home and lining his back with magnet strip. Who better to hold my doodles to the fridge door than Don Draper himself?

Error - could not find Thing 19643.
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Makerspace Coming To Galway

Hey Makers, go this way!

Are any of you reading from western Ireland? It looks like there’s a new makerspace coming to Galway!

This announcement says the facility will have:

  • a 3D printer
  • MAME arcade cabinet
  • a milling machine
  • sewing machine

Cool! Enjoy making!

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MakerBot User Group New York – April Meeting “MakerBot vs the Easter Bunny”

Come one, come all! MakerBot Operators, Thingiverse Makers, and anyone curious about the rapidly exploding (extruding) world of 3D printing. On April 3, 2012, MakerBot Industries will host a special gathering of MUGNY, its flagship MakerBot User Group group here in New York City, at Tekserve in Manhattan. (Make sure you RSVP quickly. Seating is limited.)

Across the known universe, MakerBot Operators have been assembling in small gatherings (MakerBot User Groups, or MUGs) to swap tips and stories, tune each other’s bots, and generally plot the overturning of all things dull and uninteresting in the world of science, art, architecture, and design.

Several members of MakerBot’s staff will be on hand to share updates from the BotCave including a sneak preview of a unreleased video from MakerBotTV from Annelise, an opportunity to participate in MakerBot’s Maker Faire Bay Area project from Skimbal, a brief silicone mold-making demo from Liz, and more.

The highlight of the night will be an opportunity for the MUGNY community to head to the podium with printed objects and Thingiverse postings of projects created for our “MakerBot vs the Easter Bunny” challenge below.

MakerBot vs the Easter Bunny Challenge

The “MakerBot vs The Easter Bunny” Challenge picks up on the craft-spirit surrounding Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and chocolate Easter bunnies — as seen in the Easter-related items created for Thingiverse every year — and stirs into this mixture the Stanford Bunny and its mashup tradition. Participants will be encouraged to create interesting mashups or new designs in honor of this holiday and bring prints and images to the event to share with the community. Your invention might be a fearsome concoction that will encourage the Easter Bunny to keep its distance — or it might just become the center of some family’s best Easter egg hunt ever! We’ll take your picture along with your creation, and share you with other MUGs of the world.


Tekserve Seminar Room
119 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011


Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 from 6:00pm-8:00pm (ET)

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Scott Stringer Expands On MakerBot And NYC Tech

On Tuesday we had the great pleasure of hosting Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer here at MakerBot. We knew he was a fan already, but the video from The L Magazine gives a nice review of how Mr. Stringer sees MakerBot fitting into the exciting tech landscape here in New York City.

What I love about MakerBot and 3D printing is that this is an industry that’s on the move. And New York has to continue to be on the cutting edge. … I get energized about what the city could be like when you come and take a tour like this. … This is the energy; this is the new light manufacturing that can create a lot, a lot of jobs, put money into our economy, and continue to make New York edgy, and the place that everyone around the world wants to come and be in.

The video also has a great timeline from our CEO, Bre Pettis, who explains some of the history of our products and how we grew out of the hackerspace Bre co-founded, NYC Resistor.

By the way, we tried to give Scott a MakerBotted replica of his borough’s most famous icon, but Politicker writes that he was mindful of the rules!

“We can put it in the office, not home,” Mr. Stringer said. “That’s the law.”

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What’s The Digital Camera Of 3D Printers?

Brad Moon writes at InvestorPlace that 3D printing may be having its “Inkjet Moment”. Inkjet printers he says were met with a little skepticism at first, but had their watershed moment when digital photos started to be uploaded and shared.

So what’s the 3D printing cognate of the digital camera? Answer: Thingiverse, which “already has the plans available online for nearly 2,800 replacement parts,” for machines of all kinds.

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