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MakerBot And Autodesk Demo 123D Programs In NYC

MakerBot was on hand this evening as a key member of the Maker community, as Autodesk discussed direction for their family of personal 3D modeling and digital fabrication programs. Autodesk President and CEO Carl Bass and VP of Consumer Products Samir Hanna talked eagerly about their company’s embrace of the Maker Movement, with Bass describing himself as a lifelong maker and sharing some great photos of his own creations throughout the years.

As an aside, VentureBeat captured a shoutout from O’Reilly Media founder Tim O’Reilly, who suggested technical revolutions come from smart, creative people using the tools available to have fun. VentureBeat aptly tied the remark to the MakerBot community, and tonight’s event with Autodesk was a great reminder that this stuff is just plain fun.

Here’s what I mean: our MakerBot station was set up with a couple Replicators right next to the 123D Catch guys. This program allows a user to upload a set of images of an object. Snap 20 or so pictures of something like, for example, this garden gnome.

The photos are interpreted sequentially, so as you circle with your camera, the software knows to find its anchor points and reconcile them into a single 3D model. What you see on the screen in the photo below is not a photograph, it’s a high-res, finely detailed mesh that you can view from any angle. If it’s not clear to you, think: magic. That’s kinda what this is.

The end result is a printable file. We had this miniature gnome off the build platform in minutes, and it was just so easy!

Bass spoke recently at a panel about craftsmanship and technology where he commented that the ease of digital fabrication, with products like the 123D programs and printers like the MakerBot, is potentially “rewriting the fundamental economic equation of the industrial revolution,” an idea he repeated tonight. Rather than rely on mass production to achieve high quality at manageable costs, we can now produce high quality objects that fit individual needs. And there’s “no difference when I make one and when I make 1,000.”

With products like 123D Catch, which includes a free version, by the way, along with 123D Make and 123D Sculpt, the MakerBotting future seems eerily easy and bright.

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Skimbal's Higher Resolution Head Crab, printed by IWorkInPixels

Skimbal's Higher Resolution Head Crab, printed by IWorkInPixels

I would normally feel sorry for someone in this man’s situation, but IWorkInPixels just looks so dang happy wearing Skimbal’s Higher Resolution Head Crab.

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Attention 3D Mouse Users, Share Your Stories!

Are you a 3D modeler? Our friends at GrabCAD, who sponsored our mascot design competition last Fall, have a non-MakerBot challenge running that several of our readers may find interesting.

This month’s contest, which started Monday and runs until April 18th at the end of the day1 ,  includes over $10,000 in prizes from 3Dconnexion. The challenge page states:

3Dconnexion wants 3D mouse users to show non 3D mouse users what they are missing by creating a demo video! Why do you like using your 3D mouse? How does the superior 3D navigation and two handed work-style benefit you? Is it easier? faster? more comfortable? Something else? When do you get the most value? Creating parts? Mating assemblies? Client presentations?

How many of our users have or are interested in this technology? We look forward to hearing your entries and sharing them with the MakerBot community!


  1. and we really mean end of the day: “11:59 PM in the last Time Zone.” []
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Win A Replicator: Only 11 Days Left To Enter!

In case you missed the announcement on Monday, MakerBot and Tinkercad have teamed up to offer the chance to win a MakerBot Replicator! Create your own chess set in Tinkercad — like the one above from Pekka — and upload it with the appropriate tags in Thingiverse.

There are already some great entries that you can browse on our Pinterest contest board, but be sure to refer back to the small set of rules on our blog or the Tinkercad Blog.

The contest ends April 1st, so start Tinkering!

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Madiverse Update: A Place For Your Morning “Coffee”

It’s the perfect time of day for this latest addition to Madiverse, the Thingiverse series inspired by All-Star user TeamTeamUSA.

In front of yesterday’s 1960’s sofa, we place this model of a Noguchi coffee table.

Noguchi Coffee Table by TeamTeamUSA

Be sure to check the Thingiverse page for this item. Miles provides plenty of good tips for constructing the piece, which as you can see includes cut plastic as well as an elegant printed piece.


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