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Print Your Holiday Spirit!

The work day is ending for plenty of east coast MakerBot owners, and it’s just about time to crack open a cold one.

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, and with that ice cold cream soda in your hand, why not start thinking about all the accessories you might want to print for Saturday’s festivities?

How about a shamrock coaster, or this awesome can holder? (Who even knew they still made Busch Light Cream Soda?)

Need more inspiration? Visit our MakerBot “Print St. Paddy’s Day” Pinterest board!

Shamrock Beermat by vik

Beverage can holder by clintkc


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Printing The Great Men Of History

No one has yet availed themselves of the opportunity to scan and print a Julius Caesar bust in honor of the man killed by Brutus et al. 2056 years ago today. The great military leader and remarkably eloquent writer, the uncle of Caesar Augustus, the man after whom a great series of emperors would style themselves as a mark of greatness.

But someone did print Mr. Bean, so I’m calling this a win.

This is cool not just because someone in the world designed a Mr. Bean model and threw it up on Thingiverse. This is yet another great instance of community. Thingiverse user sjuskadur posted his creation three days ago, but had not had the chance to print it.

Today, PrettySmallThings brought it to life.

Mr. Bean bust by PrettySmallThings


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I Want A Pile Of These And I Don’t Even Want To Play The Game!

Full metal planete replacement part (tank) by pgu5787

Full metal planete replacement part (tank) by pgu5787

One of Thingiverse’s newest citizens, pgu5787, has just shared their design files for a plate of replacement game pieces for a game named “full metal planete.”

While I’ve never heard of this game before, I LOVE these little tanks!  I could totally see losing an afternoon to printing a few plates and arranging them in formation on my desk at work. 1  Instead of… you know… working.  🙂

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  1. Vroom!  Vroom!  Bang!  Pow! []
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Impressive 3D-Printed Curved Concrete Shapes

A couple beautiful pictures here of large-scale 3D extrusion printing in concrete. But here’s the kicker,

…the researchers demonstrated that the strength of the printed material was approximately 95% of the strength of the conventional cast equivalent.

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We Still Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

Speaking of kids who love MakerBots, here is a delightful blast from the recent past. It’s been 9 months since we posted a video of Schuyler St. Leger, and it is high time for a reminder!

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MakerBot Has Created A (Supercool) Monster

A lot of MakerBot owners out there have kids. After all, the busy parent may understand best how sweet it is to set a print for a screwdriver, rather than making an extra stop at the hardware store after work.

One MakerBot parent out there may have inadvertently created the biggest superfan we’ve seen to date. World, meet Beckham.

Beck’s dad Joe got a Thing-o-Matic in January of this year and spent three weekends with his then 6-year-old son putting it together. Now two months later, Beck, having transitioned from the folly of youth to the practical, industrious, prime-numberness of 7, is “obsessed and that’s all he wants to do. … It’s makerbot 24-7.”

Need proof? Here’s a picture of Beck’s birthday cake, for which his mom iced out a picture of a Thing-o-Matic, complete with bunny print — by request.

So far the father-son duo have mostly explored objects available in Thingiverse, but lately Joe has tried his hand importing designs into Cinema4D. The printing is still supervised by parents, but Beck keeps a watchful eye to make sure everything is on track.

As it’s our great interest that MakerBot’s be used in educational settings, I couldn’t resist asking what Beck’s classmates think of the machine.

…it’s the first thing that he shows his friends, then he shows his collection of prints that he keeps in a special box. We haven’t brought the bot to school just yet, but he has brought pictures of the replicator as well as some prints to show and tell.

So Beck’s a big fan of the MakerBot. What kid wouldn’t be, right? Yes; but have you ever seen a 7-year-old react like this to a spool of plastic?

That type of enthusiasm is contagious, and exactly the reason why more kids should get their hands on a MakerBot. Are you a parent? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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Beware The Bots Of March

Alright, soothsayers, who’s going to print a Caesar bust today? Dare I dare you to attempt a mashup?


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