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The MakerBot Store is was Down!

Sad Cash Register

Update: 7:30PM EST – SiteGenie is back up and we’ve transferred the images over. The store should be working for everyone, now. If you’re still not seeing it, please be patient while the DNS change propagates to you and your ISP.

Update: 6:15PM EST – We’ve re-instated the store from backup on another ISP. We’re currently missing some product images, but otherwise things should be working. It may take some time for DNS to propagate and point you at the correct site, so you still may not be able to access the site for a while. We’ll get those pictures back in place once SiteGenie is back up.

Update: 6:00PM EST – A new update from SiteGenie – their upstream provider is working on a fix. May have things working in an hour or so, but no promises, yet.

Update: 3:13PM EST – The latest update from SiteGenie indicates that there’s an upstream problem between their provider and Chicago. Maybe somebody ran a backhoe over some fiber optic cables? 🙁

As some intrepid shoppers may have noticed, the MakerBot Store has been down since this morning.

Our hosting provider, SiteGenie, tells us that they are having major upstream connectivity issues and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Thingiverse and the MakerBot blog are still up and running strong, thanks to the power of cloud computing!

We’ll post updates here as this situation unfolds. We hope to get the store back up as soon as possible.

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MakerBot in TheNextWeb’s Ultimate Robot Gift Guide!

TheNextWeb knows that no robot gift guide would be complete without including MakerBot. Just posted yesterday, their Ultimate Robot Gift Guide features the Thing-O-Matic, alongside some awesome gifts like this Robot Tea Infuser and these Recycled Robot Ornaments. Don’t forget – Thing-O-Matic kits, and fully-assembled models, are $100 off through the holiday season, so get yours now!

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Learning in the Future!

"Thing.stl" from Matrix Buildings by ramenspork

"Thing.stl" from Matrix Buildings by ramenspork

Here at MakerBot, we like to talk about how people who use 3D printers are committed not only to living in the future, but helping make that future possible.  So, how much more awesome is it that there are teacher out there showing how you can use high school algebra to create some seriously amazing OpenSCAD designs?

I can just picture a set of math and science curricula where the introduction to each chapter explicitly states that upon completion of that chapter the reader should know how to make a bowl, or tower, bridge, or freaking Aztec pyramid.

Also, if Thingiverse citizen and teacher ramenspork or any of their students reads this, would you pretty please put together a tutorial or lesson plan to help others learn how to create sweet printable OpenSCAD structures using linear algebra and matrices?

Error - could not find Thing 14328.
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