Project Shellter Crabitat Video Feeds!

The cameras are now deployed at each crabitat!

Big ups to Dropcam for being the first sponsor of Project Shellter!

Here are screen captures of recent activity in each crabitat:

Tori Shelling taking a late night stroll at ShellterEast

             Tori Shelling (on right) taking a late night stroll at ShellterEast

The Karshellians enjoying a midnight snack at ShellterWest

             The Karshellians (Khloe and Kim, left and right) enjoying a midnight snack at ShellterWest


Here’s the real news: now you can see a live crabitat video feed while you’re surfing the interwebs; just drag-and-drop the following images to your bookmarks toolbar or right click each and add to your favorites.

ShellterEast Camera                                                      ShellterWest Camera

This will install a bookmarklet that will allow you to watch the crabs from anywhere on the interwebs (except a blank page)!

Once installed, click on the words in the toolbar to launch a live video feed in a popup window.

Project Shellter Video Bookmarklet - ShellterEast

Depending upon your browser and version, you may have to allow popups for certain sites to see the feed.

These are alpha versions of the bookmarklets. If you have any problems using them please post your experience in the comments.

Also, if you’re a web developer that wants to help with the continued development of these bookmarklets, drop a note in the comments.

Hermit crabs are, for the most part, nocturnal creatures. Most crabitat activity occurs during nighttime PDT and EDT. YMMV.

This guest post is part of Project Shellter.