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Laurie Anderson Collaborates with MakerBot!

Laurie Anderson joins the growing roster of artists creating original work on a MakerBot, with her latest exhibit, “Forty-Nine Days in the Bardo.” The multimedia exhibition is running now through November 19th at the Fabric Workshop & Museum in Philadelphia.

The team at MakerBot performed a 3D scan on a clay model of Laurie Anderson’s dog Lola, creating a virtual 3D object.  From this object, we printed out over 20 plastic models of the scan. The pack of plastic dogs is currently on display in the museum’s lobby, alongside a Thing-O-Matic.


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3D Printer Feedback

It’s awesome to have a robot that makes plastic thing for you at your beck and call. However, these wee beasties can get a bit unruly sometimes.

We here at MakerBot have created a feedback form so that all kinds of 3D Printer Developers can get good idea about what works best, worst, and ugliest of using 3D Printers. We all want to solve the most annoying problems first, and this helps us identify them, and fix them quickly.

There is a quick 1 page feedback form, or you can fill out, and extra 2 pages for people that want to give more in-depth feedback. You can also fill out the feedback form for any other Open Source 3D printers if you want. We will collect and send those results to their respective creators, to help cooperatively make all kinds of 3d printing more awesome.

(Random Plant Photo is CC by asgw. Thanks for sharing the photo asgw!)

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MakerBot TV Season 1 Episode 6

This week on MakerBot TV I’ll get you acquainted with some brand new colors and my brand new printing partner!!! We’ll also share the scoop on experimental dual extrusion and deliver some helpful tips for using the new Stepstruder® MK7, ReplicatorG 0026 and the firmware update v3.0.

Thanks to Ben Rockhold and Ethan Hartman for your help this week. As well as Alan Bjorklund, Goto80 and Latché Swing for the music.

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Vinyl LP Display Module by crudlabs

Here’s what most of us need on a Monday morning: a sweet little widget to help us mount our classic Vinyl LPs to the wall for display.  I suspect this might also be appropriate for LaserDiscs; for example, if someone had a really sweet LaserDisc of “Short Circuit,” it might look really good on their wall held up by one of these.  Hypothetically.

I mean, most of us are probably going to just put up super-hip electronica records, but you could mount a LaserDisc.  Which is really a testament to the quality of the design by crudlabs.  Well done!

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