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MakerBot Featured in “Innovators” Series on Bloomberg

A few weekends ago, Sheila Dharmarajan from Bloomberg’s “Innovators” series came to the Botcave for a visit — check out the great piece that resulted!

A few favorite moments:

  • Sheila Dharmarajan’s lead in: “I’m about to become a plastic toy.”
  • Bre’s explanation why printing a small plastic household good you know you want on your MakerBot is a heck of a lot more environmentally conscious than purchasing something off-the-shelf that travels across the world, guzzling up fossil fuels, just to sit in climate-controlled retail store waiting for you to need it.
  • MakerBot Operator Chris Anderson (incidentally, also Editor-In-Chief of WIRED) talking about the Thing-O-Matic as an example of democratizing technology.
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MakerBot in Boston Globe

Photo Credit: Steve Garfield

Those of you living in the Greater Boston Area might want to pick up a Boston Globe this morning. Flip to the Business section to read a great piece about MakerBot from Mark Baard:

You’ve seen the cliché beginning to a technology story a thousand times: “It sounds like science fiction . . .’’ But the sci-fi lead is irresistible when it comes to describing a gadget that automatically manufactures single copies of everyday objects, like a replicator in Star Trek…. What you manufacture with the Thing-O-Matic is limited only by your imagination, or what you can find among the plans posted at MakerBot’s website. (Read more.)

Baard talks about the fun you can print with a MakerBot, and then tells of “serious projects” Professor Audrey Lee-St. John and her students are accomplishing at Mount Holyoke with their Thing-O-Matic — including modeling to predict how proteins might move and a potential collaboration with roboticist Dan Barry.

For those of us lacking a Boston Globe today… check out the rest of the article here!

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