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MakerBot Artists and Operators in the NYTimes

Great article today in the NYTimes. Check it out! (Click past the fold to read the whole thing.)

Also, there’s a great chance to meet a number of the artist and MakerBot Operators featured in the article at the MakerBot Make-A-Thon @ 3rd Ward this Saturday from 2-pm.

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3D Printed Vans for Off the Hook Store Opening


Check out this fantastic 3D printed Vans shoe that was created for the opening of Off the Hook, Vans first partner store in Montreal.  Personally, I want Vans to be the official shoe of MakerBot staff.  It’s the Brooklyn way.  Full disclosure, this wasn’t printed on a MakerBot, but look out!  We’re getting there fast.  It was designed and printed by Consult Design.

Nice work!

Vans by OTH Store.



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Robot Hospital! Episode 11!

YouTube Preview Image

In the latest delivery of everyone’s favorite 3-minute video series about DIY 3d printer kits, I run you through some notable Thingiverse objects, including Renosis’ MakerBot Castle and flower toy, and MakeALot’s amazing pencil holders.  Isaac has some words about a new product, and Matt continues his tutorial series about 3d modeling from a real object…in this case, a squirrel.


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MakeALot’s pencil holder series.

This object has blown my mind.  It might not look like much now…but it turns into a sculpture if you fill it with pencils! Points in please — we don’t want anybody to put an eye out.

So if that blew my mind…imagine what happened when I saw the stackable hyperboloid pencil holder!  I might have to go to the art supply store so I can create a serious, multi-layer pencil sculpture.

Good job, MakeALot!  Way to turn up the awesomeness on everyday objects.  This is what MakerBotting is all about.

Error - could not find Thing 8444.
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Error - could not find Thing 8122.


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Untangling Skeinforge: Infill

Infill - half empty or half full?

Infill - half empty or half full?

I had the opportunity to talk to Nick Starno of MakerBot yesterday about something we are both passionate about – getting the best Skeinforge settings to print sweet awesome things.  ((Photo courtesy of micmol))  One of settings we discussed was “infill.” 1  While this may be review for some, I’m hoping to do a few more posts that will build on this topic. 2

25% infill, 75% infill

25% infill, 75% infill

It is probably pretty intuitive that an object that is 100% filled with plastic is going to be stronger than an object with 0% filled with plastic.  But, what if you don’t need the strongest part possible?  What if you just need an object that is purely decorative and doesn’t need to be strong at all, an object that just needs to be only just strong enough for a particular application, or an object that will print very quickly?

Generally speaking, a higher infill ratio will lead to a stronger and sturdier object that will use more plastic and time to print.  Whereas, a lower infill ratio will lead to a lighter, less sturdy object that uses less plastic and time to print.  When I don’t need a part that is super-strong, I typically print with about a 20-25% fill ratio.  I find this makes for parts that are very strong and durable while still being quick to print without using a ton of plastic. 3

What infill ratio do you use for strong lightweight quick-printing objects?

    • Fill -> Infill Solidity (ratio)


  1. So hang in there! []
  2. However, infill isn’t the only consideration for strong lightweight printed object.  Next time: extra shells! []
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