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MakerBot Cupcake Heated Build Platform v2.0


The MakerBot Cupcake Heated Build Platform v2.0 is the most revolutionary innovation in the recent history of open source 3D printing.

No longer will your prints be thwarted by the evil incarnation of plastic physics: CURLING! Curling happens when layer upon layer of plastic cools down on top of each other and shrinks a small percent. This shrinkage builds up layer after layer and the edges of the printed object start to curl up!  The heated build platform greatly reduces curling by keeping the temperature of the base of the object at a steady 110C.

Full instructions are on the MakerBot wiki.  We’re open source and we believe in keeping designs open so you can hack on them! Check out the designs on Thingiverse. We are also going to try something new with this project. We’re going to use our forums for community discussion on this project. Here’s the forum for this project.

Big thanks to Jordan Miller for his early support and research into heated build platforms. Thanks also to Nophead for his pioneering research into heated platforms and his work identifying appropriate materials to for printing on.

Special price of $42 until 3/29 when the price goes up to $50!

NOTE: We have started putting kits together now and will be able to ship them next week (The week of March 29). If you order more than the heated build platform, your shipment will be shipped when kit assembly is complete next week!

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MakerBots will Swarm at the Boston Maker Faire on April 24th.


Chris Connors is on the lookout for some MakerBot Operators who want to set up at a Maker Faire event in Boston and blow people’s minds!

How would you like to join up with other Makerbotters at Maker Faire Boston? the event is on April 24th, 2010, from 12-4pm at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. We will be part of the Cambridge Science Festival. MakerBot 595 and at least one other MakerBot will be there, and it would be great to have a few others, and the people who love them. We can demonstrate how the machine works, share some tips and tricks and show people the magic of desktop 3D fabrication.

If you would like to participate, please contact Chris Connors at Let me know how you can help out, and if you can bring a Makerbot.

Give Chris a shout if you’re in the neighborhood and bring out your MakerBots for a MakerBot swarm!

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Albert Wegner Summarizes the State of the 3D Printing Universe!

Albert is an expert on things that are beginning and on their way up. He wrote up a great post summarizing the state of the 3D Printing universe. Check it out!

So how far are we along this path? It is early days. Probably a little too early to declare that atoms “are” the new bits. But progress has been rapid and it feels distinctly as if we are at the cusp of rapid acceleration. For a geek like myself it is impossible to look at the Cupcake CNC from Makerbot and not think of it as the Apple I of personal manufacturing. At the same time as other 3D printers cost $100,000 or more, the Cupcake comes as a kit for $750. That is two orders of magnitude cheaper. Yes, there is some assembly required (Bre jokes that it’s at the level of IKEA furniture) but it is easy to extrapolate to an Apple II, which will be the Makerbot in a box. In the meantime, there is a growing list of things that can be printed with a Makerbot that can be found at Thingiverse.

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