MakerBot Desktop

A complete, free 3D printing solution for
discovering, managing, and sharing your 3D prints.

Desktop 3.0.1 Notes
Latest Release
MakerBot Desktop 3.0.1 Notes:

At this time, MakerBot Desktop is only recommended for use with the MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer (Fifth Generation Model).
For all other MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers, please download
MakerBot MakerWare.

Note: MakerBot Desktop is a complete solution for discovering, managing, and sharing 3D prints. Continuing, planned enhancements to the app ensure that it will soon be recommended for all MakerBot Replicator 3D printers (plus, the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic).

3.0.1 Feature list:

1. Users can now change filament or attach a Smart Extruder from the print monitor panel
2. The Print and Export dialogs now display slicing progress
3. File transfer progress has been added to the Firmware Update dialog
4. The IP address of a network-connected Fifth Generation printer is now displayed in the Device Preferences dialog
5. Bug fix for background service errors caused by disconnecting from an Ethernet network
6. Bug fix for USB-connected printers not connecting automatically
7. Small bug fixes related to firmware updating
8. Support for Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora)

3.0.1 Known Issues:

1. Following a successful firmware update over an Ethernet network, users may have to close and reopen MakerBot Desktop to reconnect to a Replicator (Fifth Generation Model).

Fifth Generation Firmware 1.0.2 Feature list:

1. Fix for issue where print resumes at a slightly offset location after suspend
2. Fix for issue where errors are not always surfaced (e.g., heating or filament errors)
3. Fix for motor noise on boot up
4. Workaround for intermittent white screen issue (Hold down the top and bottom buttons to reset the screen)
5. Start of print UI flow enhancements
6. Lifetime print time in stats menu
7. Firmware update improvements
8. System performance and USB link improvements
9. Extruder blockage mitigation
10. Homing error mitigation

Desktop 3.0 Notes
Windows XP support is limited to MakerWare 2.2.
MakerWare for Digitizer is not available for this operating system.
Mac OS X users must uninstall 2.4.0 before installing 2.4.1. An erroneous version number in a 2.4.0 plist file causes 2.4.1 to crash on opening if installed directly over 2.4.0.
Latest Version: 3.0.1
For Fifth Generation MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers

Keep Organized with the Library

Bring all your existing files into
a personal, secure,
cloud-enabled library.
Easily rename, edit, and add
instructions to your personal
files, layouts, and collections.

Monitor and Control Your Prints

Quick access to common
commands like suspend,
change filament, or cancel.
(Coming Soon)
MakerBot Replicator On-Board Camera Feed
The onboard camera makes it easy
to keep tabs on your prints.

More Ways to Connect

Sending files to your
MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer is easier than ever.
Connect via Ethernet or USB.
(Wi-Fi coming soon)

Explore and Discover

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3D printing community with over
100,000 free 3D models
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