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Tag! You’re it!

Thingitag Jr. by whosawhatsis

Thingitag Jr. by whosawhatsis

Please consider this a public service announcement on the issue of tags.  There are now more than 10,000 things shared on Thingiverse, which means it’s getting more difficult to find what you might be looking for among all the other things out there.  Fortunately, Thingiverse citizens have the ability, nay – duty!, to add tags to the things they see.

So, if you’re adding something to the universe of things, please be sure to add a few tags so that a week from now they’ll be easy to find even when your designs are no longer on the front page of the Newest Things.

And, if you’re cruising around Thingiverse and find something that would benefit from an additional tag or three, please help out everyone and add those tags!  One of the best parts about tagging someone else’s Thing is that when you do, Thingiverse instantly displays the number of things that share that tag, showing you all the other awesome related things you might otherwise miss out on!

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What’s better than Cube Gears?

YouTube Preview Image

Answer: Motorized cube gears

Dougc314 has taken the gears-motif to a new level.  This would make an awesome office toy.  Just a little something to sit on the edge of your desk and slowly cycle through the rotations, forming and deforming a cube as it goes.  He was also kind enough to provide some additional instructions for making your own variations.

Or, imagine how cool it would be to modify whosawhatsis’ Eccentric Sphere Gears to be motorized, paint it to look like Earth, and then fire it up?

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Make Your Own Gears by Dustyn Roberts

Make Your Own Gears by Dustyn Roberts

I don’t know about you, but I am continually envious of the really excellent designs up on Thingiverse that make use of gears.  Greg Frost, Emmett, and Whosawhatsis have been rocking Thingiverse lately with their incredible designs incorporating gears.  But, what’s a simple blogger with zero gear-knowledge supposed to do?

Well, Chris Connors, teacher and Maker-extraordinaire, recently posted about gears, motors, and attachments thereto over at Make: Online!.  His post referenced a gear tutorial by Dustyn Roberts, author of Making Things Move, all about gears.1

I learned more about gears in Dustyn’s first paragraph than I did after hours of trying to design my own gears from scratch.

One nice thing about gears is that if you know any two things about them – let’s say outer diameter and number of teeth — you can use some simple equations to find everything else you need to know, including the correct center distance between them. In this project, we’ll design and fabricate spur gears using free software (Inkscape) and an online store ( that does custom laser cutting at affordable prices out of a variety of materials. If you have access to a laser cutter at a local school or hackerspace, even better! You can also print out the template and fix it to cardboard or wood to cut the gears by hand.

Dustyn’s tutorial style to explaining gear mechanism is very nuts-and-bolts2 with lots of pictures, diagrams, and charts. 3 4

  1. Also, both were speakers at Botacon!!! []
  2. Pardon the pun []
  3. I think I hear some skittering spiders in our future… []
  4. Please don’t click that link. []
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