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Thingiverse | MakerBot Ghostly Vinyl Challenge


Ghostly International is a record label, design house, and technology innovator that provides work of high quality, integrity, and individuality. We’re excited to have Ghostly — and their keen eye for design — join us in presenting the MakerBot Ghostly Vinyl Challenge.

Using vinyl records and turntables as a starting point, we invite you to use your design skills to create novel objects that will delight record collectors, music lovers, and audiophiles alike. Specifically, we’re looking for things to decorate, augment, or personalize your records and stereo systems.

Just upload your designs to Thingiverse with the tag #GhostlyVinyl before November 30th at 11:59PM EST. Entries must be tagged #GhostlyVinyl to be considered.

A panel of MakerBot and Ghostly employees will judge entries on creativity and printability and winners will be announced on December 15th. The first-prize winner will receive Ghostly’s 2014 full length vinyl catalog and a MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer.

Make sure to read all the Official Rules here.

For further inspiration, download Ghostly’s Music For Makers compilation.

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Finally, MakerBotting A Melody!

Posted by on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is the coolest thing in the world right now.

Remember those Fisher Price record players that pumped out jams like Mary Had A Little Lamb and, I dunno, the theme from Babar? They’re back, and ready for MakerBotting!

Instructables author fred27 has published a nice set of steps for producing custom records for these machines on a CNC mill. There is also an app for generating the music. It looks fairly simple, just drop in notes.

Here’s the thing: this was all done on a mill, but as Gizmodo points out, this is prime territory for a 3D printer like a MakerBot. Of course, longtime MakerBot community members will remember some of the serious research we have already done into 3D printable vinyl…

I read through the Instructable and noticed this bit of caution:

we will end up creating plastic pins around 1mm in size that trigger the music box hidden in the record player’s arm. I was worried about whether the extruded plastic technique used by most printers would give it the required strength.


Looking at the picture above, I feel confident a MakerBot could make these nubs more than strong enough to resist the music box mechanism. I’d suggest making this with higher infill settings to be sure.

But how to MakerBot this?

The gcode for milling these suckers is available from fred27, and the process would need to be converted. The Instructable provides the design file for the blank disc itself, but in order to be used with a MakerBot, you’d need the entire model with the music added in.

Fred27 says that in order to mill the disc at one time, you should use the gcode file marked “…(Full).nc”.

Aha! Maybe that’s the answer. If that gcode for the entire record, musical nubs included, can be converted back into a model, then that model can be sliced to provide appropriate instructions for the MakerBot.

This is the perfect opportunity to put a modern spin on an old toy, and Fred plans to submit it to the Make It Real Challenge.

So what tunes do you remember from these records, and which custom tunes would you make?


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phonograph adapter for 45’s by nmartin

Posted by on Friday, August 5, 2011 in Uncategorized


Ok, we’ve covered something like this before.  However, Thingiverse user nmartin has re-created a classic here.  You don’t have to play too many records before you see one of these — the cheap, ubiquitous adapters that you’ll still find in 45rpm (7″ for the hipsters) records to this day.  But now, with your MakerBot, you can print one out for every single 7″ record you have!

This is either immensely exciting to you, or you’ve already stopped reading.

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7-inch vinyl centering tool by vinyl (and a Thingiverse milestone!)

Posted by on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

7" adapter!

Ok, we haven’t actually been able to deliver fully printable vinyl records, but this is still pretty cool for the analog audiophiles.  How many times have you been watching your favorite single-spinning DJ dropping their 7-inchers on fancy machined-aluminum adapters, and said “man, those are cool?”

Well, this is a pretty stylish DIY option, as you can see.  Cheers to thingiverse user vinyl for working on this!

Also notice — Thingiverse numbers have passed 10,000!  Next up: 100,000.  Thanks everybody and keep modeling!

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MakerBot Introduces 3D Printable Vinyl Records

Posted by on Friday, April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

After months of intensive research and development, MakerBot Industries is proud to announce a newly realized capacity of the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer– the ability to print listenable vinyl records from the desktop.

“The process of transcribing an audio file into a vinyl record is so simple, anyone can do it.” Said Chief Audio Engineer Isaac Dietz. “Right now, I’m using the Automated Build Platform to rip my entire MP3 collection to individual records!”

“It’s an exciting innovation for MakerBot, as we all grew up listening to vinyl. We all wish that more records were available with the latest hits,” said Audio R&D Associate Marisol Murphy. “I can never get enough Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black until I listened to them on my turntable.”

The process utilizes the MakerBot 96khz AudioNozzle™ technology to print audio waveforms in real time. Using the MakerBot Generation 4 Electronics microstepping capacity, the AudioNozzle™ modulates the amount of plastic deposited to create a high-fidelity waveform. The results often surpass the dynamic range of 24-bit recordings and can contain frequencies up to 57khz — even higher than the Nyquist frequency for 96khz digital recording. You can even record directly to your 3D Printer by attaching a microphone to your computer, and singing into it.

Says Ethan Hartman, Vice President of Audio Operations: “MakerBot’s pioneering spirit has always hearkened back to early inventors like Thomas Edison. We are honored to be able to re-invent the audio record for the personal manufacturing space in the burgeoning 20-teens.”

Pre-orders for the 96khz AudioNozzle™ will be available shortly.

MakerBot 3D Printed Vinyl Records can be downloaded from Thingiverse here.

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