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The Importance of Sharing

TOM Tentative Sound Damper by Bluemetal

TOM Tentative Sound Damper by Bluemetal

One of the most interesting lessons I’ve learned from Thingiverse is the importance of sharing.  Take, for instance, Bluemetal’s “TOM Tentative Sound Damper.”  Although the design didn’t have the hoped-for impact, reducing operational noise, there were two very important side-effects.

First, it looks AWESOME.  Whether or not it works, the springloaded feet and just cool.  Secondly, Bluemetal’s designs prompted MakerBot’s own Nick Starno to share a handy little hardware tweak.  Nick suggests:

I was able to eliminate a lot of noise by cutting some of the rubber tube that comes with the ABP into <1mm “washers” and compress them between the rods and rod covers. 6 total, one for a single end of each rod, and the difference in sound is quite significant.

If it wasn’t for Bluemetal’s post, Nick wouldn’t have posted that comment, and we might never have known about this quick trick!

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Tips and tricks for using a Digital Caliper

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Tricks for measuring with a digital caliper

Tricks for measuring with a digital caliper

A digital caliper is one of the most useful accessories to a 3D printer.  With a caliper in hand you can ensure you’re going to end up with accurate replacement or upgrade parts.  Some Skeinforge guides even suggest using calipers to assist in calibrating your printer.  The guys over at have put together a short guide with some tips and tricks for using your digital calipers.

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Simple instant platform leveler by peacefrog

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Peacefrog's instant platform leveler

Peacefrog's instant platform leveler

Thingiverse user peacefrog posted a super simple and elegant method for leveling  the build platform.

You can try to shim or shave the build platform or the XY stages that support it.  One problem with this method (besides the shaving/sanding being permanent) is that you can’t have the platform on the XY carrage while you’re working.  The result is you spend your time shimming/shaving/sanding, placing the platform back on, checking to see if it is level, and repeating.

Peacefrog’s method is devestatingly simple.  Put the bolts holding the platform on upside down and add 3 nuts.  One between the XY stage to hold the bolt tight, one above that to level the platform, and one on top to hold the platform tight.  To level the platform, just remove the top nuts, adjust the middle nuts on the four corners until the platform is level, then replace the top nuts.

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Trick for better small part prints

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Tesla893 shows off his simple trick for printing quality small parts. When printing very small or narrow parts, the lower layers don’t get enough time to cool and solidify before the next layer is placed down. This causes squishing and sliding of layers. One effective method of reducing this problem is through the use of Skeinforge’s “Cool” setting. The Cool setting allows you to specify a minimum time the printer will spend working on a given layer – ensuring that your small parts have enough time to cool before the next layer is put down.

Tesla893’s trick is to print multiple small parts at once. Sure, you might have a little more stringing between parts to account for, but the printer is forced to spend more time between each individual small area given them all time to cool.

Update: The video appears to be removed for some reason.  It would have just shown you that Tesla893 was printing multiple copies at once.

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