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Commemorating Family Occasions

Posted by on Monday, March 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
The Smiths by Tony Buser

The Smiths by Tony Buser

MakerBot’s own Tony Buser has been scanning and sharing his family on Thingiverse with quite possibly the most creative use of the new “multiple derivative” feature yet!  (Each person was scanned separately and then arranged together into the picture above.)  Tony has thoughtfully memorialized his family and friends with these scans.

The possibilities opened by cheap ubiquitous 3D scanning technology are nearly endless.  A 3D printed family portrait, a movie of 3D scans morphing from one month to the next showing how a person grows, replacing the pen marks on the door jamb for marking height, or maybe even a way to easily assemble as seamless family portrait without everyone being in the same location at the same time.1

  1. Also, who will be the first to upload a Tony BuSta? []
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