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Our Industry-Leading Tech Support Just Got Better and Faster


Within the MakerBot offices, you’ll find our 3D printers whirring away in just about every department. So we know what it’s like to go through all the right steps before a print, only to end up with a long, eerie silence or a discordant beep. For when all doesn’t go according to plan, we’ve revamped our industry-leading support site to keep you printing and making.

Organized into two sections, Troubleshooting and Learning, the support site is designed to help you learn about MakerBot products, quickly solve issues, and minimize downtime. While the Learn section offers a wide range of information on our products, the Troubleshooting section is streamlined to easily guide you to the right solution through a series of simple questions.

“This approach to Troubleshooting offers an improved customer experience that complements our best-in-class customer support team” says Gil Maman, Vice President of Customer Advocacy and Business Development. “All told, the new support site reflects MakerBot’s continued commitment to facilitate close relationships with our customers and users by putting their needs first.”

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Happy Christmas, welcome new MakerBotters! (Time to read the manual!)

Posted by on Sunday, December 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thanks to vik for the image!

To all of you who are celebrating the popular winter holiday today, from all of us at MakerBot: Merry Christmas.  We hope that you all are enjoying it in health and prosperity.

If you’ve just unboxed a brand-new Thing-O-Matic kit, welcome to the MakerBot community!  You’ll most likely want to have a look at our build instructions and Quick Start Guide to get started!  I know it’s all very exciting, but make sure you read and understand those instructions before starting your build.  If you do have issues you can’t resolve on your own, make sure that you email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to as soon as we can.

And to all of those who have just given the gift of MakerBot: enjoy a nice, quiet day, and make sure that your loved one doesn’t forget to feed him or herself.

Happy Holidays!


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