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Robotic Hand v3.0 by armjunkie

Posted by on Monday, December 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
Robotic Hand v3.0 by armjunkie

Robotic Hand v3.0 by armjunkie

Thingiverse citizen armjunkie has shared version 3.0 of his seriously amazing robotic hand.  As with the prior version, the entire model is detailed and intricate.  Each joint in each finger is tensioned using dental rubber bands and controlled with fishing line.  In true Thingiverse spirit, armjunkie responded to a comment providing even more detail about how the behavior of the hand’s opening and closing motions can be customized by the number and placement of those same dental rubber bands.

One of the things I particularly about this model is the split photo above showing his designs1 alongside the reality.  There is just something extremely satisfying about getting to see a design completely come to life exactly as you have planned. 2   Such intricate designs portend great things for the possibilities of creating plastic automata, puppets, and prostheses.

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  1. In Google Sketchup? []
  2. In this, I can only envy armjunkie []
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