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Project RoboSpider: Introduction



I’ve been thinking for a while now about how I could make a walking toy insect that would be powered by just one little motor.  No fancy electronics, just one motor, turning in one direction at a constant speed – making a little robot walk.  I’d really rather it ran off of a rubber band or a spring, but baby1 steps.

I really like the existing walking robot projects out there.  The DogBot and the ModHex are very cool, but they seem to require a pile of servos each.  Up until very recently, I didn’t have a good idea of how I could make something that could walk without the use of a very complicated Theo Jansen style walker.  While tinkering with idea based on arkatipe’s bugbot, I started searching for videos of insects walking and eventually found a video of a real spider walking and an animated spider walking.

I’ve included a little sketch of how I generally conceive of the idea as working.  Two smaller gears on the left and right of a larger gear, which makes the two outer gears turn in the same direction and speed.  There’s a bar that attaches to each of the outside gears and will rotate in a very wide elliptical fashion.  A set of four of these could possibly be run off of a single worm gear.  Half of the assemblies would be set to be on the downward rotation as the other half are rotating upwards. 2

Let me know what you think of this project.  I’ve uploaded my design files along with some other notes to Thingiverse.  Would you be interested in hearing about my OpenSCAD designs?  Do you want to know what additional OpenSCAD design tricks I used that are not in my series of OpenSCAD tutorials?  Do you want to about the print results from the first draft?  Do you have some suggestions?

  1. spider []
  2. Although, you could probably  have this work with only two moving assemblies and two stationary ones rotating around. []
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The stuff of nightmares

Seriously, who else thought of The Cure’s “Lullaby” when they saw this clip? 1 And, I mean, that scritch scratchy sound? It wouldn’t be scarier if it were made of fingernails and crawling up a blackboard…
Special thanks to moleofproduction for this seriously creepy ModHex and endless therapy bills.

  1. The spiderman is always… hungry []
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Word to the wise: Don’t build “weird” robots

Do not fear this robot!

Do not fear this robot!

Nothing about the above robot strikes me as particularly weird.  Then again, I have a robot in my home and grew up reading books and watching TV shows about robots.  Last week that little robot stopped traffic in Denver when authorities called in the bomb squad to investigate this “suspicious object.”  I think there are several take away lessons from here:

  • Make sure your robot looks friendly, or at least not too menacing
  • Robots cannot introduce themselves1 , so you’ll need to do that for them2
  • Don’t leave your robot unsupervised
  • You don’t need to blow up a robot to make it safe
  1. Yet []
  2. For now []
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What is a Botacon?

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First ever Botacon!

First ever Botacon!

A Botacon is an exciting get together of robots and the people who are creative near them.  Already we’ve got several hundred people interested in this all-day event.  (Don’t worry – I’m saving a spot just for you.)  It will be at the Brooklyn Lyceum from about 10am until 6pm on December 11, 2010.  Right now we’re still taking suggestions for ideas and topics, but the rough outline is:

  • A keynote speaker in the morning
  • A bunch of small talks and discussions (anywhere from 5-20 minutes each)
  • About 2 hours for lunch
  • A workshop project
  • Some more talks and discussions (also 5-20 minutes each)
  • Time for people to get dinner
  • A bar drinkup1

However, since we’re still putting together the program for the Botacon we need your input.  Please take the time to fill out a super short survey, drop us a line, or leave a comment.  We’d love to know:

  • Who do you want to hear from as the keynote speaker?
  • Who would you like to hear from?
  • What kinds of talks would you be interested in?
  • What kinds of things would you like to hear about?
  • What would you like to see?

And, don’t forget to submit your talk!

I hope you decide to come out.  It just wouldn’t be the future without you!  🙂

  1. Because even roboticists need libation.  Hint: If you have a robot, like robots, can spell robots, or have an evil laugh – you count as a roboticist in my book. []
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