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Amphibian Prosthetics

One Leg Articulated Frog by Benjamin

One Leg Articulated Frog by Benjamin

Okay, maybe it isn’t intended as an actual prosthetic, but this is still super cool articulated frog leg by Thingiverse citizen Benjamin.

I can see a lot of potential with this part.  You could print up four and a frog body that connects all of them.  You could design a telescoping frog tongue using a similar mechanism.  You could design a rabbit leg for some robot-rabbit-ribbit action.  It resembles a piston or plunger for potential use as a component in another toy as a linear spring.  From just the right angle it resembles a key from an old school typewriter. 1  On a larger scale, these could be spring loaded walking boots/stilts.  A similar set up could be used as shock absorbers – perhaps for a printable RC car?

  1. Who is up for the challenge of designing a printable typewriter? []
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