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Winners of 3D Artist Mag’s Pet Monster Contest!

It’s time! Find out who has been lucky enough to win their very own 3D printer, courtesy of MakerBot Industries…

We collaborated with 3D Artist for the competition and giveaway and were charged with judging the 48 fantastic submissions. It was a tough decision, but we have winners!

The competition asked entrants to design their own pet monster – this could be an adorable companion or a fearsome critter; the idea was to encourage artists to use their imagination, to be innovative within a small footprint.

Artists could use any 3D software to design their monsters, but they had to generate a manifold (watertight) mesh suitable for 3D printing. This meant things like feathers, small joints and thin clothing was going to be a particular challenge.

Characters also had to be designed within 100x100x120mm, with the ability to have different parts printed in different colours. ‘Makerbotability’ was an important part of the design – and judging – process.

Runners up

Our three runners up have each had their designs 3D printed at the MakerBot Industries HQ, soon to be shipped to the talented creators. We can’t wait to see the photos of the winners with their new 3D-printed pets!

Runner up #1: Ben Malouf – aka BenitoSanduchi – with Fat Bunbun. 3D Artist says: “What a monstrously greedy bunny? We could easily imagine this little fella sat on the 3D Artist desks, munching away. Just as long as he sticks to carrots – we’ve got first dibs on the chocolate biscuits!”


Runner up #2: T. Shawn Johnson – aka Whystler – with Teacup Dragon Puppet. 3D Artist says: “This is such a clever idea! While a dragon isn’t a new concept, it’s been scaled down to live in a teacup designed to move: turn her head and make her speak using a tiny rod below her body.”


Runner up #3: Matt Thorup – aka Redbeard – with Pug Monster Pet. 3D Artist says: “This is adorable: cute from the front, nasty on the reverse! We love his quizzical expression and helpless pose – can we adopt him, please?”


And the winner is…


Andreas Böhler – aka andreas – with Pet monster Blobby. Andreas submitted a handful of charismatic monsters, making the hardest part of the judging process choosing which of his entries was the ultimate winning design!

Andrea submitted a lot of  awesome monsters to the contest! This one prints really well and got a lot of likes on Thingiverse!

Check out a bunch of other wonderful entries on Thingiverse.

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